Community Outreach Sponsorship


The Community Outreach Program supports Haiti Children's Home in providing care to families and children in the community.

Community Outreach Initiatives:

Please help us reach out to the Community of Haiti!

Community Outreach Options

*Milk Program: Babies under 12 months are provided with a basic health exam and formula each week.

*Internal Nutrition and Respite Care: Children receive three full meals a day, plus snacks and vitamins. Children are cared for until they are healthy again and can be returned to their families or until their families are well enough to care for them.

*Outpatient Nutrition Program: Manna Packs (pre-packaged nutrient dense food) and medicated Mumba Packs are given to children in need at our Community Health Clinics.

*Community Health Clinic: Open weekly for the community to stop by and receive free care.

*Clean Water: Clean drinking water in nearby communities through wells and water treatment.

*Future plans: To provide transportation for needy families to access the Community Outreach Program and to provide cooking oil alongside the Manna Packs.

This program focuses on HCAS/HCH unified desire to keep families together and educate them on the importance of quality nutrition. An umbrella covering all children that have family involvement but are still not receiving the nutrition and care needed to thrive. Children like Christine...

community outreach

Christine’s story is one that is all too common in Haiti. Her mom struggled to find enough food to feed Christine each day. Not only was quantity an issue, but quality. In Haiti, sources of protein are often expensive and thus are often excluded from a regular diet, causing swelling.

By providing good nutrition such as fortified medical grade peanut butter, Christine quickly lost the water weight associated with the swelling She began to put on healthy weight. We hardly recognized her a month after she came in, so great was the change in her entire body!

Christine has now returned to her amazed family. Haiti Children's Home will be able to follow up with her in our outpatient nutrition program.