Meet the Board and Team

HCAS is governed and operated by a 7 member Board of Directors and an Executive Director.

Our team combines professional experience from a broad range of executives, adoptive parents, businessmen, a child-psychologist, nurse and more.

We are proud of the people who have dedicated their hearts, time and efforts toward this very important mission. The faith and dedication of our Board members and Executive Director has been integral to the success and accomplishments attained to date. These individuals have truly made it more than a matter of charity, in the sense of material contribution, but rather, in a true and motivation of Christ’s love.

Doug Decksheimer HCAS Board Treasurer
Doug Decksheimer
Vince Vold HCAS Board President
Vince Vold
Patti Vold HCAS Board member
Patti Vold
Dave Bunney HCAS Board member
Dave Bunney
Tim Peterson HCAS Board member
Tim Peterson
Aulden Reid HCAS Board member
Aulden Reid
Ryan Tonn HCAS Board member
Ryan Tonn